Mobile Apps for Cannabis Dispensary Loyalty

Mobile loyalty apps are rapidly expanding the possible benefits a loyalty program can offer. Many major loyalty programs have started offering useful tools in their mobile apps as an additional value-add. 

One of Hilton’s loyalty program benefits is access to exclusive app features. 

Based on our interviews with cannabis consumers, the following tools are perceived as highly valuable and would drive a consumer to sign up for a cannabis loyalty app:

Tracker for Favorite Cannabis

Helps users keep track of their favorite cannabis and record consumption experiences

On-Demand Personal Budtender
Automatically recommends cannabis based on the user’s preferences
Cannabis Adventure Passport
Learn about different types of cannabis and earn a badge when you try a type

The power of mobile app tools

Mobile app tools can help dispensaries engage with customers beyond transactions and outside the buying cycle. It is valuable in the following ways:

  • Increase customer engagement

These practical tools can transform a dispensary loyalty app from just a place to check your point status to the go-to place for all things cannabis. As a result, customers will be engaging with the app much more frequently and have your dispensary in mind more frequently.

  • Collect valuable data

Mobile app tools can tap into customer insights that are otherwise hard to access. For example, the cannabis tracker can help dispensaries understand customers’ product preferences in great detail and therefore helps create highly accurate recommendations for future purchases.

  • Enable gamification

Tools can be games too! For example, the cannabis adventure series is fun to play. It introduces users to different types of cannabis and users can earn a badge each time they try a new type of cannabis. Collect enough badges and you can get a grand prize at the dispensary!

Mobile app as a community channel

With 81% of Americans owning a smartphone, mobile apps have become an important part of most successful loyalty programs.20 We have alluded to some benefits of a mobile loyalty app in the previous section about useful tools. In addition to those, mobile apps have the following advantages:

  • Allow customers to check their loyalty rewards and status on the go
  • Ability to push mobile notifications, which have high open rates
  • Enable customers to update their name, birthday, driver’s license, medical card and delivery address without calling the dispensary to reduce friction
  • Enable customers to browse purchase history while in the store or on the go
  • Make it easy for customers to share your promotions and events with friends 
  • Make it easy for customers to refer friends and earn points
  • Keep customers engaged beyond transactions and outside the buying cycle
  • Interactive two-way communication for collecting user feedback and requesting user reviews
  • Detect when a customer is near the dispensary and send them a push notification
  • Strengthen your customer profiling capability with fun visual quizzes
  • Expand your gamification capability with interactive activities such as spin-to-decide.

Mobile apps may require more upfront setup than emails and texts, but the added benefits are well worth the effort.

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By Nora Chen